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Save the ocean together

Get active now!

We encourage you to become actively engaged in ocean advocacy.

We are pleased to present ten organizations that offer you ways you can take action for the preservation of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Saving the ocean is a team sport.

Sylvia Earle (ocean ambassador)

German Ocean Foundation

Our Mission: From knowing to action

We support and promote research and educational projects that serve to protect the seas. We bring together decision makers from a wide range of sectors to work together for ocean conservation.


We end waste pollution in our oceans and rivers

We are committed to removing large amounts of plastic from rivers and streams. With our trash collection vessels, we remove tons of garbage from waterways all over the world.


For healthy living oceans

We are committed to protecting the oceans and marine animals.

PADI AWARE Foundation

Local action - Global impact

Our vision is to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean. To achieve this, we advocate for the expansion of marine protected areas and the protection of endangered marine species among other things.


Together for the ocean

We are shaping a sustainable future through comprehensive environmental education, inspiring events, and innovative projects.

Sea Shepherd

We fight to defend, conserve and protect the ocean

We are committed to stopping illegal fishing worldwide. 15-40% of the world’s fishing is illegal. We want to permanently end this industry.


Respect, Love, Save - Sharks

Our ultimate goal is to create intact shark populations worldwide. At the top of the food chain, sharks hold the ecological balance together.

Surfrider Foundation

Together for the protection of our oceans

Our shared passion for the ocean unites us all, along with the determination to protect our coasts and seas. A network of ocean enthusiasts making a significant impact together.

Viva con Agua

Water for all, all for water

Our ultimate goal is clean drinking water for all. Through various projects around the world, we work to provide people with a sustainable and secure supply of clean water.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

For a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free

Through campaigning, political persuasion, education, and research, we work to ensure that whales and dolphins can live in freedom and safely.