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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the International Ocean Film Tour event? No problem! On this page, you'll find answers to the frequently asked questions about the tour.


Ticket purchase

Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR tickets are available online on our website or at our local pre-sale partners.
Ticket and seat reservations are not possible. All Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR events have free choice of seats.

Credit card, Paypal or direct credit transfer. Further information on payment options can be found in the Outdoor Ticket Terms and Conditions. hier

There are many reasons for a faulty credit card payment. Usually the MasterCard® SecureCode™/ Verified by Visa Code is missing. Usually banks are demanding those codes as a mandatory input because of safety reasons. Please contact your bank, in case you have any problems with those codes. If you still have problems, please write us a message via our contact form and put ‘credit card payment’ as reference.

It is generally not possible to receive tickets by post.
Sometimes we offer postal delivery as part of special promotions, stay informed and subscribe to our newsletter.

We offer discounts for children, pupils and students.

Please make sure that your confirmation mail is not in your SPAM folder. Another option could be that you did enrol with a faulty E-mail address. In case, please send us a message via our contact form and put ‘ticket order’ as reference.

There is no possibility to return your OCEAN ticket. Please consider our terms and conditions.

You can easily give away your ticket or sell it on-site of the event. In case there is someone who would like to purchase a ticket, you can sell your ticket at advanced booking price.

Yes, you can give away your tickets since there is no related nametag.

Even though there is bad weather on the day of the event, you are not able to return your Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Open Air tickets. Basically, each event takes place regardless weather conditions. You can find more information on the website of the different Open Air Cinemas. There is no nametag on the tickets, therefore you can easily give away or sell your ticket.

There is no reserved seating at our events. You can freely choose where to sit.

Event sold out?

In case an Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR event is marked as ‘sold out’ on our website, it does not mean that there are no tickets available anymore.

Our pre-selling partner also sells OCEAN tickets and often still has tickets available even if our online contingent is sold out. You can find our local partner under event reviews.

There is no set ticket contingent for our box office. In case press/guest cards are not used, we do offer those for purchasing just in time before the event.

1.5 h before the event starts, we collect names of those who are interested in purchasing a ticket. In case there are spare tickets available, we sell those tickets 5-10 minutes before the event starts. So better come early since there is a greater chance to get tickets.

In some cases there are people who would like to sell their tickets on-site. Meeting point is our box office. We are open to connect seller and interested buyer.

In case an OCEAN event is completely sold out, you are able to subscribe for the OCEAN newsletter. If demand in one city appears very high, we usually organize an additional event. Members of our newsletter get a notification via E-mail that there is an additional event in this city or somewhere around.

Film program

The whole film program usually lasted around 120 minutes. With a 30 minutes break, moderation and competition the whole events takes 2.5-3 hours.

Yes, there is a break of 30 minutes after half of the program is shown.

Basically, there is no age restriction for our program.
But please note that here could be different scenes such as collapses, injuries etc. that could frighten children. Additionally, our program at evening events does not finish before 23 pm at night.

The films will be shown in the original language and with local language subtitles (e.g. German in Germany).

Streaming - Outdoor Cinema

On Outdoor Cinema, the streaming portal for outdoor & adventure, you can rent and watch some Best of Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR films as a stream.

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