Peter Hammarstedt

Peter Hammarstedt

Captain, Sea Shepherd activist

“Fighting on for as long as it takes.”

Peter joined Sea Shepherd as soon as he was old enough to submit an application. In his fourteen years with Sea Shepherd, Peter has sailed the seven seas from the foreboding Labrador Coast to the treacherous Antarctic Continent, using direct intervention to save as many lives as possible from illegal whaling, sealing and destructive fishing practices. He is the Director of Campaigns and sits on the Board of Sea Shepherd Global.

On Operation Icefish he set the world record for the longest pursuit of a poaching vessel at sea after chasing the Interpol-wanted F/V Thunder for 110 days before it sank in the Gulf of Guinea. The documentary CHASING THE THUNDER (part of the Volume 6 programme) is the gripping account of an ocean adventure with a higher purpose, illustrating how much dedication and grit is necessary to protect our oceans and what a group of persistent individuals can achieve.

Standing Ovations for Peter Hammarstedt at the premiere in Hamburg

Standing ovations for Peter Hammarstedt at the premiere of the Int. Ocean Film Tour Volume 6 in Hamburg.


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